Steel, Glass, Concrete and tons of Passion and Time

69Design of aiport terminals involves all possible architecture and engineering disciplines and requires experienced professionals to lead and coordinate the overall design. With large design team and usually tight timing, having a proper design and design review process in place is critical for the success.

At Air Alliance we first focus on the Client’s expectations and then we translate these into a sound and effective design process. From the space planning analysis based on forecast traffic patterns to the complete design of finishes, we ensure competent advice and highly skilled professionals to address all the issues.

aeroporto-new-mexicoWe start from assigning the correct size to terminal facilities and by defining the best possible layout considering end users requirements as well as passenger’s comfort. The design has to be an iterative process that can only be concluded when all stakeholders requirements are properly addressed.

Once the concept phase is completed, then all the structural, MEP and special systems have to be worked out. Beautiful Airport Passenger Terminal are nowadays considered as a Country’s distinctive landmarks.