17 May 2012

EU on Regional Airports

EXPLANATORY STATEMENT of the EU on the future of regional airports and air services in the EU which brought to the Resolution (2011/2196(INI)) Regional airports and air services […]
15 June 2015

Muscat Southern Airfield refurbishment and Upgrade

Air Alliance Partner, Dubai based Design Solution has been awarded the full design of the refurbishment and upgrade to Code F of the Airport Southern Airfield […]
14 January 2017

Turkey on schedule to land world’s busiest airport

Turkey is building what it claims will be the world’s largest airport by passenger numbers. The ‘Istanbul New Airport’ plans to accommodate 150 million passengers a […]
15 January 2017

New Kuwait City Airport terminal on schedule: MPW

Construction of a new terminal at the airport is proceeding according to schedule since work started in early December, Minister of Public Works Abdulrahman Al-Mutawa said […]