We design business and corporate helipads

Corporate helicopters are often the most effective transport solution for a company, and a private helipad can be located almost anywhere allowing direct commuting from the meeting to the nearest airport. But where is the best place to locate this helipad, on the ground or on the roof? Can I put an elevated helipad above living quarters or on an offshore rig? What size landing area do I need? How much clearance am I required to have to meet local criteria? Who certifies this helipad? These are just a few of the hundreds of questions Air Alliance can help answer. Landing multi-million dollar aircraft at your facility requires detailed planning which is the key to achieve the safest, most cost-effective helipad for our clients.

corporate helipad

The following is a list of some of the services offered by Air Alliance:

  • Site selection and flight path design for new helipads;
  • Relocation of an existing helipad;
  • Local and International compliance recommendation reports;
  • Budgetary pricing;
  • Design packages for ground, rooftop, concrete, aluminum or any other type of helipad;
  • Complete staff of professional Engineers and Consultants.