Emergency and Hospitals

We design helipads for hospitals emergency operations

Hospital HelipadThe usage of helicopters for hospitals and the need for helipads for medical emergency operations has very much increased over the past 10 years. With this increase in activity the need for close, safe and reliable landing locations has become a top priority. During this time, the FAA, NFPA, ICAO and helicopter operators worldwide have developed an extensive set of design criteria that deals with every type of helipad from the traditional ground concrete pad to the specialty rooftop aluminum design.

Air Alliance will deal with locating the pad to meet the clearance criteria, design the safest ingress and egress flight paths, file the proper paperwork, design the support structure and make sure all the required safety items are included with your helipad design.

Below is a partial list of the things Air Alliance can offer along with some other items we hope will help you get started:

  • site Survey & Recommendations Report: Air Alliance will find the best location for your pad and provide budget pricing to build;
  • complete Engineering Package: Air Alliance will provide a drawing package for your project that anyone can use to bid;
  • consulting Services: as needed for whatever your project requires;
  • budget Pricing: available at any time for any type project.