We provide assistance for airport certification and managing deviations to standards

Under ICAO rules, airport certification is usually the last step before an airport can be opened for commercial operations. In some instance and in some countries the certification process can also be carried out after design to ensure compliance of the same with all the applicable standards. For some Authorities this can be a way to grant approval of the design but this can be also seen as an effective way to ensure that everything has correctly been taken into account during design and minimize the risk of non-compliance at construction stage.

The actual certification process includes a data collection phase that is required to ICAO Annex 14fill all the certifications specifications check-lists. The required evidences can be acquired from the design drawings and reports or directly on the field during the actual certification phase. The collected information must be checked against the applicable relevant standards, which in the majority of the cases are pretty much the same as the ICAO standards, but however can include local deviations if national standards differ from ICAO.

Air Alliance provides assistance to prepare the certification check lists and supports Airport operators in the analysis of the Certification Specifications (CS) and the preparation of safety assessment needed to support possible deviations from the Regulations.

Air Alliance will also ensure continued monitoring and provide support in maintaining the Certification once obtained, according to the Civil Aviation Authorities guidelines and in occasion of audits and renewal of the certification.

Airport certification plays an important role in consolidating the company safety culture, for this reason it should be seen as a strategic goal for the operators and involve all the airport, safety, technical and operations stakeholders. Compliance to standards is not a choice, is a must and it is the best way to avoid uncertainties and reduce risks!