Military airports respond to different operational requirements.

01_002-10032-000Though design standards are generally the same as civil airports, military airports respond to different operational requirements. For these, all the features related to logistics and operational promptness, as well as to the different types of aircraft used, prevail.

It follows that both aeronautical systems and civil infrastructures should be conceived around the concept of maximum operational efficiency. The runways are generally narrower but equipped with arrestor gear systems, control towers have different characteristics, parking areas have special configurations to optimize times and operations, hangar and shelter have special requirements, fuel supply systems respond to more restrictive standards.


ready-and-waitingIn addition, in the many military airports open to civil air traffic, any modification to existing flight infrastructures and related facilities is agreed upon between Airport Operator and the Ministry of Defense, taking care not to limit the two components of traffic and to ensure the compliance of the airport infrastructure with the safety and security rules governing both military and civil traffic.


Air Alliance also in the special area of military airports is able to identify operational design aspects, ensuring the best co-existence between the operations of the airport management company and those of the military divisions.